Light Fine

International Creative Recycling Festival of Catalonia is ten years. Drap -Art is organized , non-profit association founded in 1995 in Barcelona and promotes creative recycling by organizing festivals , exhibitions, markets and workshops. Long held in the CCCB and vicinity where the works are exhibited 19 artists and selected public call nine designers, with glass, cardboard , paper , cloth, iron , lighters , cables ... shape their creations, and list of guest artists , to 150 . These Pistolo Eliza , who regularly uses money as a raw material and having the Covered of money ; Karol Bergeret , known for its boards of Santas series Housewives, endangered species , the German artist HA Schult , known for his Trash People - or army or scrap- Rifà Quim , Residu'Art prize winner last year , with his characters - body sculpting radio or television puppet arms or legs . ( ... )

Source: El país