Garbage collection is cost effective door to door

It's Christmas Eve and neighbors Vilablareix (Gironès) have to change their habits, and not just for the Christmas feasts. To minimize inconvenience to citizens and service workers refuse, mayor of the municipality, David Mascort (ERC), has decided to shift at three in the afternoon, the waste collection schedule. A normal day the villagers would have to have done between seven and eight. "It's okay, is the better," explains Maria Angels, a resident of the village.

It's Tuesday and today plays get doorstep packaging. Each day of the week is assigned a type of waste: organic, paper and cardboard, unusable waste (SUBTRACT) and packaging. And diapers every day. This town, along with Olost (Osona), was the last of the 106 municipalities, Catalonia has 946 - that have implemented the system of waste collection door to door. This model is based on the separate collection of waste in which citizens are responsible for separating them. But instead of depositing them in containers they do in front of his house according to a timetable and schedule established by the municipalities.

Source: El país