The future of composites are recycling

A great deal of work and research on new materials revolves around the development or improvement of lighter and better performing materials, a fact which explains the great success of the composites or composites of the type of fiber reinforced polymers carbon.

However, composites do not enjoy enough with disposal options quite a problem especially if one considers that the competent authorities increasingly outweighs the result of life cycle assessments. In this regard, the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers (ICTP, Italy) investigates new waste management processes in collaboration with its partners, including the SUSRAC-Tecnalia project financed with European funds.

Dr. Mario Malinconico, project coordinator, reported in the journal of research * eu results of the achievements of the consortium to date, its importance for sustained market growth and the challenges that will solution before end of the project. (...)

Fuente: Residuos profesional